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  • 24 Books That Are Straightforward About Mental Illness
    Because sometimes it’s hard to explain or understand on your own. Maritsa Patrinos / BuzzFeed A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki Ozeki tackles depression from two angles — through the protagonist, 16-year-old Nao, who falls into a suicidal depression after moving back to Tokyo; and through Nao's father, who falls into a deeper depression after losing his job. instagram.com After Birth by Elisa Albert Albert never explicitly names postpartum depression in her 2015 novel on a woman in the first year of motherhood, but Ari's resentment over her experience of childbirth, alienation from the rest of the world, and complicated feelings about her son ring true to the dark and confusing period that often comes, well, after birth. instagram.com View Entire List ›
  • Can We Guess How Popular You Were In School?
    It’s time to sort the cheer captains from the kids who sat on the bleachers.
  • This Kid's Reaction To Stepping In Dog Poop Is Priceless
    “SOMEONE GET ME A PAPER TOWEL.” As a single cry rang out, Nash's parents knew he had experienced something unlike anything else: He stepped in dog poop...
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