WJOB FM is a non- commercial educational radio station that plays a wide mix of R&B, Hip-Hop, Rap and Dance music. Sunday mornings are deicated to gospel music. This vast array of music programming is called Urban Contemporary music and is one of the fastest growing formats in the nation.

This population of listeners is ever apparent in our community. WJOB FM has caught the attention of the area high schools, colleges and young professionals. Our listeners are primarily 14-44 but extend beyond that in the both directions.

WJOB FM began broadcasting in 2012 and was immediately a welcome addition to the Binghamton community and its music lovers. It’s exciting to see the music come to life, it’s exciting to watch social media posts about the station. Undoubtedly, WJOB FM has made a connection with this community and the potential of that connection is virtually limitless!

WJOB FM is recognized as a non profit station. To generate operating capital for station activities, WJOB FM is allowed to distribute underwriting packages to private sector businesses. Additionally, WJOB is allowed to accept donations. Because of the Not-for-Profit designation by the IRS, all donations and underwriting packages are tax deductible.

As an alternative to traditional advertising, underwriting is a way for you or your business (or non-profit organization) to gain community-wide recognition for your support of WJOB FM and it’s commitment to quality and diverse programming. In addition to being a very wise investment, the on-air acknowledgements enhance your image as participants and supporters of organizations in our community.

To speak with someone about becoming a sponsor/underwriter of 93.3 WJOB please:
Ebony Tutora 607-744-8780

Many Thanks to our current sponsors:



If you are interested in helping WJOB play the hottest music in town and helping your business or non-profit grow your business by reaching our loyal listeners, please call:
Ebony Tutora 607-744-8780

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