Broome Binghamton Anti-Poverty Initiative

A new grant through the Broome County Urban League sets out to confront unemployment and underemployment amongst Binghamton residents.

Known as the Broome-Binghamton Anti-Poverty Initiative (BBAPI), the program strives to encourage those in the community who are unemployed or underemployed to further their education or start a career that will allow them to live above the poverty line.

The BBAPI pathways programs provide participants with the assets and support meant to strengthen participants professional skills. Participants develop their skills through a series of training courses tailored to their specific goal, in-house presentations, and field experience.

The opportunities are endless, for some are working towards their electrical or plumbing certification through e-training and apprenticeship, while others are learning about broadcast media at the urban league’s own radio station WJOBFM.

The BBAPI program is open to all residents of Binghamton. If you are interested you can sign-up for an orientation by emailing Shaday Dunbar at

Damien Cornwell